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welcome to the mind of jaleal

from dusk to dawn   the chaos continues

kir kir



Our purpose in life is to die 


January 5th 2018 my dad died  

It hurt so much, it’s still hard to think about and accept but when I saw him in the hospital bed a week prior, with a bunch of needles in him and only breathing with the help of a machine, I knew what was to come and prepared myself mentally then, towards the end of 2017 I begin to be groomed with the idea of quick death, the random deaths of musician Lil Peep and hip hop/podcast legend Combat Jack helped me understand that death is going to happen, no matter how old or how young, no matter how healthy or how unhealthy. We all are going to die. But with the passing of my dad I realized the true purpose, not just that we’re here to die, we’re are here to CREATE and BUILD, whither it be creating art, a business, or just a family, with that we build on so that when we do come to our untimely demise, we leave something to continue our legacy or to inspire the next.. My dad created a family and when he passed he left us with great memories and lessons, what do you want to leave? I’m not telling you to dwell on death but in your life make a decision of what you want to leave this world.


 alway remember



“We get the day that we’re born, we get the day that we die, but what really matters is the dash”  

[you decide]



so when you die


I wear a broken watch on my right wrist to remind myself that time isn’t real. Time is an idea made up centuries ago. 

“Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future


All words put together to make you think that time is important, but it isn’t, to me. The idea of time is looked at as something that is on going, but the idea of time for a human being is looked at as a calculation with an ending. As humans we are reminded that our time is something small, we all know that one day we’re born, the beginning of our time on earth, and that we all will die, the ending of our time on earth. But I can’t allow that to be the case, I can’t trick my mind to believe that is true. The broken watch or broken clock is the reminder that I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want, to not worry or linger on the thought that time is coming to an end at any moment. I have to remind myself to use my allotted “time” in the physical realm to build, create, and leave something that will continue my time in this realm, even if it’s just memories with loved ones, a business to pass down, or just children to continue my lineage, that which will keep my time going and my presence felt. A dynasty is what you make and I will die nasty trying to make it. Thank you for your time




remember melting at the concert 

that lysergic feeling  

conjoined by our hands 

every song meant something 

today is ours 

the pit opens 

 beams of piercing light blasts through the roof  

general admission bodies levitate 

energy of mass proportion flows through the room   

souls begin to elevate  

we lock eyes 

concerned of our fate 

not knowing our first would be our last date 

the cloud that has us lifted disappears  

in times like this we’d have more fears 

but we’ve accepted the possibilities  


a love that lasts 

a hope that’s asked 

a night that’s endless 

a love capsule you have to dig for 


life is just 


a broken clock 


my girl is a free bird 

no can’t lock her cage 

my girl likes to fly high 

her wings can’t be contained 

my heart sings like a hummingbird 

when my girl shows her love 

my girl is a free bird 

take flight from this world 

To the girl in the black dress, 

That tiny black dress 

Face so careless with a mind full of stress 

Rapunzel hair braided but it’s still a mess 

Penny brown iris, with prime color lipstick 

Skin so smooth, petite, butt thick; 

Everything about her brings temptation  

To the girl in the black dress


thrifted dress 

Spring time in bloom 

The ending of all gloom 

The beauty that is picked  

And given to you 

Two lovely flowers  

To bless my view 

One is a daffodil  

and one is you 




pierce through 

you can make it better 

the world don’t need to know 

the joy that you can bring  

no rope can take your place 

a quick fall from grace 

fiending for your touch 

please help me 


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