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thrifted dress


To the girl in the black dress,

That tiny black dress

Face so careless with a mind full of stress

Rapunzel hair braided but it’s still a mess

Penny brown iris, with prime color lipstick

Skin so smooth, petite, butt thick;

Everything about her brings temptation 

To the girl in the black dress

save me

free bird

a love that lasts

a hope that’s asked

a night that’s endless

a love capsule you have to dig for


life is just


a broken clock


my girl is a free bird

no can’t lock her cage

my girl likes to fly high

her wings can’t be contained

my heart sings like a hummingbird

when my girl shows her love

my girl is a free bird

take flight from this world



remember melting at the concert

that lysergic feeling 

conjoined by our hands

every song meant something

today is ours

the pit opens

 beams of piercing light blasts through the roof 

general admission bodies levitate

energy of mass proportion flows through the room  

souls begin to elevate 

we lock eyes

concerned of our fate

not knowing our first would be our last date

the cloud that has us lifted disappears 

in times like this we’d have more fears

but we’ve accepted the possibilities 

Beach day


Beach day

We stay

Where the heat stay


I run I run but the sun just chase me

On my heels 

I can’t get away

A day at the beach

Sweat teases my skin


Like the birds. I fly

Like the fish. I drown

To the bottom of the sea


I just peed in the water



Sand in my feet

Another day at the beach

Got the sun on my back

Pass out in the heat



Spring time in bloom

The ending of all gloom

The beauty that is picked 

And given to you

Two lovely flowers 

To bless my view

One is a daffodil 

and one is you

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