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To the child i lost


To the child I lost

To the opportunity I was robbed of 

To meet my first born

To your mother

To the sleepless nights she spent planning your birth

To the sleepless night she spent grieving this lost

To god 

Are you out there?

Please answer this question




Rails in the kitchen

Baby girl come face your fears

All this love that I’m giving

But that love won’t stop those tears

All this time that we’re given

But the waste was those years

She try to tell me her story

like Van Gogh, I cant hear

headbutting a train just to stop all this pain

I’m hoping for a new day but they all be the same

She trying to get in my mind but it’s hers that need saved 

She keep on saying she love me

But to her I just say

I tell her

Married to my life but im ready to die 

Gun to my temple with these tears in my eyes

Fears on my mind, rest on a bed full of lies

Energy can’t die, so I bless my soul to the sky


Reincarnated body 

Whats beyond the stars


My mind is racing but I have no words 

Thoughts like bubbles, empty

Going through a path

The distractions take me

On a road so far from home

But the feeling is there

Riding on a star

Beaming through the galaxy

I’m sorry


i see your point of view in your eyes

mirrored back my face of lies

i lied to you and then you left

the hurt that can’t be lost

in a room i am trapped

in my mind where thoughts are tossed

around, it can’t stop.

the little duck with the grand idea

but it doesn’t solve

the pain that i created

the problem will evolve

to the next life i hope

the reincarnated will learn

that love isn’t to play with

that love that was once earned

In love with the pain


Filled a bottle with my tears just to drink it

no chase

let u go with my heart for no reason

no chase

my love, it was long, yours was brief

no case



an everyday struggle

inside a ditch that keeps on digging

no shovel in hand

just thoughts that bring me 

further and further

don’t want to lose what was once won

a trophy to remind the lonely

that hope is real

that ship is out there

Suicide poetry pt 2


What’s wrong with me

In a room full of people I am still alone

The hatred towards myself grows

 what happens when you kill yourself at the party

 does it end?

 or does it keep going

These people don’t care about you…

Get over it

            accept life

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