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About Ghana G


The third eye of Ghana G sees all.

With nearly a decade of recording experience, his element of hip hop gazes into the pain and passion of life and calls out to minds with a voice that echoes with handcrafted sincerity. His style of verbal prose, spiritual vulnerability, and auteurship invoke personal influence from the likes of Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Kanye West. 


Ghana G is constantly seeking to add to his bag and expand the frontiers of his artistry. Over the course of 2021 he released nine singles on all major streaming platforms along with accumulating several production and engineering credits. Visual communication is always in mind as he works to create or direct many of his own cover arts to convey exactly what the vision is. Ghana G is very active in the digital marketplace BeatStars and is  always on call to provide a good mix to any musician in need.  


His debut album, GEN3SIS: Shadow Work, was released in September 2021. GEN3SIS is a story of mental health evolution and enlightenment told through crafty hooks and facetious wordplay voiced with dynamic inflection. Never afraid to use all of his voice as an instrument, he bridges verses with lively melodies and gives accent to bars with punchy adlibs. His tone effortlessly weaves listeners through both levity and languish, a melodic yin and yang that is present in all of the music of Ghana G. 

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