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Release Radar Top 5 of the Week

Remember in fondness this start of September

Kindle your creativity as if a dying ember

As we coast into the intermission between summer and autumn

The air beginning to crisp, the brisk lips from the kiss of the night staining my cheeks

Let not the mind detract from a cycle beginning anew

My head, my thoughts, are corroding with dread

Though as life continues to pass me by, out into the world I extend a watchful eye

And as these words are beginning to flow, soon bleeds away the season’s sorrow

So keep creating

Keep Painting

Keep Watching

Keep Listening

Keep Loving

For the Love of Art

Here’s this week’s heat.

5.) Messy - Lil Tracy

Dropped: September 4th, 2020

One year removed from his debut studio album Anarchy, the emotionally enigmatic Lil Tracy begins the month with a fresh single. “Messy” showcases Tracy Minjaj painting his mind on a wonderfully melancholy acoustic guitar sample, a track provided by producers ForeignGotEm and Ginseng. ForeignGotEm—with YBN Almighty Jay’s "Chopsticks" under his belt, and Ginseng—producing XXXTentacion’s "Rip Roach", marry together these polar styles. The song’s title and cover art are in tribute to Tracy’s old friend, Lil Messy, who is still in prison to this day. “Messy” is the first taste we shall get of Tracy’s upcoming album Designer Talk 2, which fans are expecting to drop in October.

Standout Bars:

I'm a real rock star, got a whole lot of tats

Shoutout Blink-182, I might just join the band

I'm plannin on suin a bitch

Lie on my name, is you stupid lil bitch?

Hope you die while you snoozin,’ lil bitch

I’m the G.O.A.T. bitch I’m so sacrificial

Listen Here

4.) Respect It - Big Sean (with Hit-Boy feat. Young Thug)

Dropped: September 4th, 2020

Releasing along with Big Sean’s recent follow up album Detroit 2, this song initially attracted me with its Young Thug feature. Thugger infuses his touch to an already balanced illustration of Big Sean’s position in the game. I found there was much to enjoy here, such as the way the bridge disguises itself as closing the track then he hits you with another verse.

Standout Bars:

Soldiers 'round me, we done been through major pain

Laser focused, AOL, been had AIM

Fuck blogs, read my lips

Listen Here

3.) Lets Try It Out - Yury (feat. Valee)

Dropped: September 8th, 2020

With this being my first introduction I am happy to have met both Yury the emcee and Yury the producer. The beat he lays creates a sparse soundscape with its static loop and drives it home with dense trap 808’s. Lyrically he and Valee compliment each other. The latter with his feathery monotonicity, flows nicely into the gritty rumblings and entrancing deadpan delivery of Yury. Following a string of single releases this summer and a 3 piece project, Expedited, the rapper/producer may draw new listeners to his craft with this high-profile collaboration.

Listen Here


2.) Air Max - Comethazine

Dropped: September 9th, 2020

Comethazine returns to work with his frequent producer div, who worked extensively on past projects including Bawskee 2, Bawskee 3.5, and March’s Pandemic. The latter provides one of my favorite quarantine anthems “Nutted” (However thematically it may not not be the most sensitive to the plight of women). “Air Max” is Comethazine at his element, an incredibly catchy hook supported by an even catchier beat. The 808s hit you rapidly and rumble with slight distortion, further layered with a sharp violin and piercing piano notes. These unite and create a hard, demonic atmosphere.

Though I often see Comethazine as one dimensional, and this slim 3x hook 1x verse structure does not dispute that, I am always pleased with how much replay value this simplicity does hold. Despite this I can never shake my “Smokepurpp with less talent” notion of him. Because as this pony’s tricks run out, my brain drifts to turning on some Florida Jit to supplement.

Listen Here​

1.) I Feel Pretty - Whitey

Dropped: September 11th, 2020

Whitey begins his newest album with all dicks blazing. Served on an explosive slice of beat, the bells and light percussion rings similar to the tune of Tyler, the Creator’s “Tamale”. This opening track to the praise-worthy Diary of a Pretty Bitch both evokes and proclaims the daft boldness of the album. His vivacious style is bolstered by this confidence, a confidence that is always further blossoming from his days as Kill Whitey. We see him venture into this Father territory of facetious humor beautifully blended into flex rap. The ATL don actually makes an appearance on this album, being featured on the track Dracula. Bearing witness to the come up is a beautiful sight. "I Feel Pretty", bitch this truly is ezisuite.

Standout Bars:

I gave her the pinky and that shit gave me the brain

Listen Here

Stay tuned for more of your release radar


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