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Release Radar Top 5 of the Week

As I begin this list my thoughts drift back to the simpler times of Pandora radio. Saving up my skips so I can find a certain song that has been on my mind, bearing the jarring ads and creating stations I will never return to—all hallmarks of the early streaming experience. I did however move on to having my older brother jailbreak my second gen iPod in order to bypass all of that mad inconvenience. Then there was the struggle of exhausting my complimentary three months of Apple Music on different accounts, another time I remember in warmth and gratitude. But oh, have we come so far. It was indeed dire times before Spotify presented itself to me and I was able to truly settle into a DSP. My tastes have been marinating in the platform’s algorithms for a good two years now, to a point where I can expect a clear reflection of that in their user-personalized playlists.

Upon my first encounter with my “Daily Mix” I was impressed with both the accuracy, breadth, and neat surprises in their selection of music for me. The more I listened, the more they made. Soon I was met with 5 daily mixes each with their own vibe, an “On Repeat” to keep me in my comfort loop, a “Discover Weekly” to venture into new sounds and creators, and my favorite, a “Release Radar” playlist to keep me in the know of the newest drops every Friday.

And who can forget the flooding of nostalgia and warmth that your “Summer Rewind” brings? The thought of past summers and the wistful joy it carries, as graceful and as fleeting as the seasons themselves.

Today’s mission, and the mission of every weekend ahead, will be to provide you with the top 5 of the newest heat dropped every week. In the hustle and bustle of headlines, twitter, and the constant refresh of the tl, some releases may fall under the radar. So let's start breaking down this bud and get to bumpin my release radar. Allow me to be your Source, for the love of art.


5.) Gifted - Cordae (Feat. Roddy Ricch)

Dropped: August 27th, 2020

With the first single since his Grammy nominated debut album The Lost Boy, Cordae joins forces with Ant Clemons and Roddy Ricch to bring this precisely executed tune of struggle and thankfulness. Such is a tone that can be expected from the artist who implements old school roots into our current generation of hip hop. Evidently Cordae has dropped the ‘YBN’ from his name, likely shedding that stage in his career along with him.

Standout Bars

I met shorty and we connected like WiFi:

Clearly Roddy has been indulging in the works of Lil Tracy

4.) CoCo Mango (FloFilz Remix) - MF DOOM, FloFilz

Dropped: August 28th, 2020

Producer FloFilz provides this polished remix of the original 2012 track by the underground Parisian production duo Union Analogtronics. Additions like the jazz inspired piano and lo-fi atmosphere of the remix offers a soft counterweight to the sharpness and distortion of the original. Although contradicting sonically, both instrumentals are fitting for giving DOOM the space he needs to ply his craft.

Standout Bars

Our Job is to manipulate the consumer by arousing his desires, and then we satisfy those desires with fixed price. It's called... advertising : This Orwellian sounding sample led me to the 1969 satire titled Putney Swope. The plot of which entails ad executives accidentally electing to chairman the only black employee due to them not being able to vote for themselves. Indeed this is begging for a review on the film side of this site. Thanks for the rabbit hole.

3.) Dragonball Durag (Remix) - Thundercat, Smino, Guapdad 4000

Dropped: August 25th, 2020

In an additional remix this week, Smino and Guapdad 4000 somehow amazingly expand on the idea of durags that Thundercat introduced. Their verses also match and compliment the facetious softness of Thundercat.

Standout Bars

Martin Luther silk, come through putting balls on your scalp

Don't need no Head n Shoulders, I got used to get flaking out

To top your head, girl we moisturize from this point on out

I'ma durag dragon

That why I showed up to the Grammys with my durag draggin'

2.) Really Redd - Internet Money (feat. Trippie Redd, Lil Keed, & Young Nudy)

Dropped: August 28th, 2020

Truly a formidable team. But like a 6 man tag in a wrestling match, not everyone gets to bop. With the chorus Trippie Redd has the largest presence on the track. Lil Keed delivers a short but effortlessly sweet 8 bars. I love the way he comes in on the bridge of the instrumental, just before the 808s come back into play. Young Nudy supplies the song with a verse of the same length, which is unfortunate because him and Keed are the primary draws for me. Sorry Trippie Redd.

Standout Bars

Got a whole lotta red

Got a whole lotta whole lotta hoes in my bed :

Joining Lil Uzi with another playful remark to Playboi Carti’s elusive third studio album Whole Lotta Red.

1.) Uncut - Father

Dropped: August 28th, 2020

“Uncut” is the first single from Father since the release of Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money earlier this month. The EP is just one song and two minutes shorter than last year’s Hu$band at a slim 5 tracks and 13 minutes. Though I do like this length, as it allows a great sense of focus and endless replays. While Earl Sweatshirt’s Feet Of Clay makes 7 tracks feel like an hour (love you Earl) Father is swift in his softness. The single is another confirmation of the Awful leader’s promise to make “trap lullabies”, with him and Meltycanon producing glossy, dream-like bangers since “ICEMAN”. I wonder if he plays them for him and Dash Romero’s baby boy? Soft art upon young ears, today’s seeds for tomorrow’s flowers.

Standout Bars

Niggas keep on sleeping but their bitches gettin tucked in:

We are witnessing lullaby trap lore in the making.

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